Like Father, Like Son: The Garcias are Teamster Strong

Brendon Garcia, with his dad, Iggy

Iggy Garcia has been a proud Teamster member for almost 30 years, but one of his proudest moments of 2018 was when his son also became a Teamster.

At 21-years-old, Iggy’s son, Brendon, is the youngest Motor Truck Driver at the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

“Growing up, I saw that my dad was a union guy,” said Brendon. “I always liked the fact that he was in a union and it made me want to join the workforce. I asked him to help me find a job and the right path to get me started.”

Brendon got his CDL (Class A) and was hired as a Service Truck Chauffer at CTA in July of 2018. During his regular work schedule, he drives CTA’s tow truck and is part of the emergency crew that responds to any CTA incidents including fires, accidents or other hazards. During a recent weekend overtime opportunity, Brendon drove a dump truck to help the carpenters as they were working below one of the CTA structures.

Iggy started his career with the City of Chicago as a driver for Streets and Sanitation. After almost nine years, he went to City Hall for a year as an acting dispatcher and then transferred to Midway in the late 90s. He also worked at O’Hare for a few months and has always enjoyed leading the broom team and moving snow.

Due to his seniority, Iggy was able to bid on the newly created position of Equipment Training Specialist at Midway and has been in the position for almost a year. The position was created as part of the 2018 City of Chicago contract ratification, as O’Hare already had an Equipment Training Specialist.

Iggy is currently the only Equipment Training Specialist at Midway but he is optimistic that more positions will be added. He has been working on putting together training videos and equipment tutorials, while training MTDs to get certified to work on the airfield.

“The union has always been there for us and has created many jobs,” said Iggy. “It’s like having a big family and I’m happy to be part of it.”

Brendon hopes that when he reaches his dad’s age, he can utilize his experience for other opportunities and possibly higher-ranking positions. Iggy’s other son, who is Brendon’s twin brother, went to college for law enforcement and aims to work for the Chicago Police Department.

“We’ve got good paying jobs because we’re union,” said Iggy. “That’s what I am grateful for. I’m grateful we can support our families and help our own family members follow in our footsteps. I’m a very proud dad.”



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