Teamsters Local 700 Gets Reduced Suspensions for JTDC Members

Teamsters Local 700 was successful in removing a 5-day suspension for a member after arguing that the discipline served was untimely based on the evidence they presented. Management agreed to remove the suspension from the member’s record and made the member whole for the five days of missed work.

Another JTDC member had received a 5-day suspension for accidentally leaving a resident alone for a few minutes. Being that the mistake didn’t lead to any further issues at the JTDC and that the member had no prior record of discipline during her 19 years as an employee, the Union argued that the 5-day suspension was too harsh and should be reduced. Management agreed to reduce the 5-day suspension to a 1-day suspension.

Shift Pay Differential Update for Affected JTDC Members
Local 700 submitted a grievance on behalf of the members that should be receiving shift differentials for the 2nd and 3rd shifts. Management says tickets have been issued by Human Resources to program their system so employees can receive the 25-cent increase. The JTDC is actively working with the Cook County Comptroller’s office to get this programming done and employees paid correctly. Any affected members will also be paid retroactively from Dec. 1, 2018.

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