Fleet Services Assistant’s 10-day Suspension Overturned

A few years ago, Fleet Services Assistant Anthony Garcia was given a 10-day suspension from the City of Chicago. The Union filed an appeal against the suspension with the City of Chicago Human Resources Board. The Board agreed with Local 700 and said Anthony should receive his 10 days back and be made whole. The Commissioner of Fleet Management appealed the Board’s decision to the Circuit Court of Cook County. Last week the court ruled that the Board’s decision stands and Anthony should receive his 10 days back from the City.

Anthony is a second-generation Teamster and knows the value of having the Union on his side. His father, Danny Garcia, is a retired Foreman of Motor Truck Drivers in Streets and Sanitation.

“Unfortunately our member had to wait for this decision to go through the court process to become validated,” said Teamsters Local 700 President Michael G. Melone. “But this is what we do and this is why we are here and the Union will not hesitate to fight any unjust disciplinary action.”




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