Local 700 President Michael G. Melone Appointed to Teamsters Joint Council 25 Political Committee

Local 700 President Mike Melone

During a June meeting, the Teamsters Joint Council 25 Executive Board voted to appoint Local 700 President Michael G. “Mike” Melone to serve as a committee member on the Teamsters Volunteer in Politics (TVIP) Committee, effective July 1, 2019. Founded in 2011, TVIP is an exclusive Joint Council 25 committee that has representatives from Locals across the state that work together to support labor-friendly political candidates.

The appointment came after longtime Teamster member and Local 786 President, Michael “Mick” Yauger, announced his retirement earlier this month. Mick also served as a Trustee on the Joint Council 25 Executive Board. To fill Mick’s vacancy, the Joint Council 25 Executive Board appointed Local 743 President Debra Simmons-Peterson to serve as Trustee on the board. Previously, Debra served on the TVIP Committee, thus creating a vacancy that led to Mike’s appointment.

“I am honored to serve on the TVIP Committee and look forward to working with other Teamster representatives and thank the Joint Council 25 Executive Board for this opportunity,” said Mike. “More importantly, I would like to congratulate our Sister Debra on her new position as Trustee and for taking on the responsibility to represent all of the members within our Joint Council. Her dedication to her own membership and the Teamsters is paving the way for other strong Teamster women and we are proud to be Joint Council affiliates under her leadership.”

Mike has been an active and proud Teamster member since 1981, when he started working as a highway maintainer for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He has worked with many elected officials in Springfield to advocate for workers’ rights and to lobby for bills that positively impacted Teamster members.


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