IDOT Minuteman Jorge Pineda Saves Fellow Teamster Affiliate










Late Sunday morning, Rona Spano, an affiliate of the Teamster organization, was heading out on I-55 when she realized her gas tank was running on empty and she started to panic. Luckily, IDOT Minuteman Jorge Pineda was on the way equipped with emergency gas and helped Rona get back on the highway in no time at all. Thank you Jorge for a job well done and saving one of your fellow Teamsters!

The Minutemen patrol more than 1,000 lane miles on seven major expressways in the Chicago area. The service, turned into a permanent program in 1961 after early traffic safety patrols began operating on the Congress Expressway—now the Eisenhower—is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ETP currently has 65 drivers who log up to 80,000 annual assists, searching for and responding to disruptive traffic incidents — like flat tires — to keep traffic flowing and prevent further accidents. And they are all proud Teamsters.


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