Some City Employees to be Penalized $50 for Incomplete “Real Age Test”

As part of the Wellness Program mandated by the City of Chicago, City employees and their spouses (if applicable) are to complete their overall wellness screening and a “Real Age Test” online. Local 700 has been informed that there are nearly 1,000 City employees and/or spouses of City employees that will be charged the $50 penalty for non-compliance because they did not complete their “Real Age Test” online.

The problem that is being reported is that while many members have completed the Real Age Test, it was done on the wrong website. The correct website is People who completed their Real Age Test at aren’t being credited for doing so, and due to HIPPA rules, Sharecare can’t search for completed Real Age Tests from members on

If you and/or your spouse completed your Real Age Test and still got a letter from the City saying you will be penalized for not taking the test, please appeal it to the City immediately and it will get fixed. Click here to download an Appeal Form from the City.

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