Leader of the Pack: Mikey Gomez Becomes First Foremen Steward

S&S Foreman Mikey Gomez

Streets & Sanitation Foreman Mikey Gomez has been appointed to serve as the union steward for all of the Teamsters Local 700 Foremen in the City of Chicago.

“We wanted to have a steward from the rank-and-file membership that understood and knew what the Foreman job was about,” said Business Agent Vince Tenuto. “What Mikey brings to the table is that he knows how important it is to communicate and he enjoys helping people.”

Mikey started his career in the City of Chicago as a seasonal driver in 1995 at O’Hare. In March of 1997, he was made a career service driver and went to work in Streets & Sanitation at the Northwest yard. Mikey was voted steward for his yard in 1998.

After many years in Streets & Sanitation, Mikey worked in Rodent Control for 10 years, until he made Foreman in 2014. He was the night relay Foreman for a few years and is now in his second year as Foreman at the Homer & Kilpatrick yard.

“I have always enjoyed my job as a driver,” said Mikey. “Just clearing the snow and making sure people can get home safe during the winter always made me feel proud to be in public service. As City employees, we are a second set of eyes for first responders. We see a lot of things when we are out doing our jobs and we have that ability to relay to the dispatchers to get paramedics, an ambulance and/or a fire truck out to an emergency somewhere a lot faster than someone just picking up the phone and calling 911.”

Mikey was in management at UPS for nearly 10 years before he worked for the City, and was also a member of Teamsters Local 705 at the time.

“Unions have always been important, but in these times, we really need unions,” said Mikey. “If it weren’t for the union, we wouldn’t be getting a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and we would have lost our pension to the City of Chicago.”

If you are a Foreman and want to get in touch with your new steward, please contact Mikey at bbtbmikey22@sbcglobal.net or 312-388-5801.

Teamsters at the Homer/Kilpatrick yard

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