Longtime Teamster Joe Bogue Grateful for Union Membership

Joe Bogue has been a Teamster member for 28 years

Local 700 member Joe Bogue has been a Teamster for the past 28 years and has always enjoyed the benefits of his Teamster membership. Since 1990, Joe has worked for Cook County Hospitals as a driver and is currently located out of Oak Forest Hospital. For the last 12 years, he has stepped up as acting Foreman for his location due to the previous Foreman’s passing in 2006.

This past winter, due to a few large snowstorms, Joe started plowing snow on a Thursday evening and worked all the way through to that Monday evening. He happened to look at his following paycheck and noticed that something was off. While he was supposed to get paid as an “acting foreman,” the payroll department did not give him the foreman’s pay he was due. After a month of trying to resolve the issue through payroll without success, Joe turned to the union for help.

About nine months later, Joe was called into the finance office and was told they had made a mistake and apologized. With the union’s help, Joe received a big back-pay check that included all of the acting Foreman’s pay he should have been getting since 2015.

“The situation would have never gotten resolved without the Teamsters behind me,” said Joe.

This wasn’t the first time Joe called upon the union for help. Back in 1994 he recalls a grievance that he had to file when management was trying to bump him out. After going through the proper steps with the union, the grievance was handled and won.

More recently, Joe was helping someone from the janitorial service and cut his hand open in the process. He needed five stitches at the hospital and while he should have gone back to get the stitches out, he ended up taking them out himself. The hospital didn’t pay Joe’s bill and it had almost ruined his credit.

“My supervisor helped me and I still had to go to the human resources department after that to try and straighten this out,” said Joe. “When all else failed, I turned to the Teamsters because I knew they would go to bat for me. Within a few weeks, everything was taken care of. I can’t thank the union and Ramon enough for helping me out on this.”

Joe also had the pleasure of raising three sons and needed a little help putting them through college. Throughout his time as a member, two of Joe’s sons were able to apply for and receive scholarship awards through the Teamsters union.

“The Teamsters have always been there for me and helped me out over the years,” said Joe.

Joe has also given back to the Teamsters. In 2013, he made a wooden rocking horse with a Teamsters theme as an appreciation to the union for the help he had received. The handmade horse was raffled off at the end of that year and more than $2,200 was raised to benefit the Teamsters Local 700 Benevolent Fund, which awards financial assistance to those in need.


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