Three Midway SSSCC Positions Posted After Management Claims Overtime too Costly

Local 700 members fight back against contract violations made by management

During National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week in April, Local 700 members Paul Pollard and Krishna Joseph were given awards for their exceptional work as Shift Supervisors of Security Communications at the Department of Aviation.

Teamsters Local 700 members Paul Pollard and Krishna Joseph have worked as Shift Supervisors of Security Communications (SSSCC) at the Department of Aviation for many years. Paul is the Local 700 steward for the SSSCC and works at the O’Hare communications center (OCC), and Krishna currently works at the Midway communications center (MCC), where she was also acting manager for a few years. The SSSCC department is part of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC).

On Monday, Aug. 13, Krishna called Paul to let him know that MCC Manager Ladar Jones had made a final decision not to allow the MCC SSSCCs to cancel their lunches to earn an hour of comp time during their shift. A cancelled lunch is a practice utilized to prevent an aviation communications operator (ACO) from working for a period of one hour unsupervised when there is only one supervisor on duty. Jones told the MCC group that he discontinued the cancelled lunch practice to lower the cost of overtime for the City of Chicago OEMC.

The MCC is a 24-hour operation currently staffed with only three supervisors. The MCC is currently budgeted for six. A cancelled lunch only compensates the SSSCC with one hour of comp time and does not affect overtime cost.

Paul also learned that overtime for the position of SSSCC was being offered to the ACOs without giving first opportunity to SSSCC as indicated in the contract.

“Cutting overtime for the title of SSSCC and allowing lucrative overtime for the title of ACO, which include ACOs acting in the role of SSSCC, is a direct violation of the collective bargaining agreement the union has with the City of Chicago,” said Paul.

Paul contacted Local 700 Business Agent Carlos Sanchez to initiate a meeting with Jones as soon as possible. A meeting was held the following day, where Jones was asked to cease and desist these contract violations and reinstate the cancelled lunches for the MCC SSSCC, upon which he agreed.

“Thanks to the assistance of Carlos, unfair labor practices were corrected for the MCC supervisors before any substantial overtime opportunities were lost,” said Paul.

Subsequently, on Aug. 24, the City of Chicago posted three open positions for Shift Supervisor of Security Communications at Midway airport.

“Due to the members’ instincts of knowing their contract and standing up for each other, we were able to solve these issues immediately and have three more jobs posted for current or future Teamster members,” said Carlos. “Paul is a very knowledgeable and attentive union steward and I am proud of the actions he takes to fight for his fellow members.”

To apply for one of these positions, please see the following posting on the Teamsters Local 700 website: Applications are due by Sept. 6, 2018.

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