Teamsters Local 700 Proudly Observes Labor Day in Honor of all Union Workers

On Labor Day, we remember the dedication, commitment and tremendous courage of union members throughout history. It is our opportunity and our duty to recognize the significance this day marks for the American worker.

The benefits enjoyed by all workers – like 8-hour workdays and weekends off – are a result of hard-fought efforts by labor unions to secure fair working conditions for all Americans. The many achievements of unions and the labor movement can still be seen today, and we should never forget the hard work of our union brothers and sisters that came before us. Their dedication to fighting for better working conditions and standing up for each other inspired so many more to join them.

Many historians consider the Chicago Haymarket Affair as the most influential event to impact labor history within the entire country. The event ultimately became the observance of International Workers Day – also known as May Day – which still has a large following in Chicago. But what is more significant about the event is the movement it created among the working class to join together and fight for all workers’ rights.

We can all continue to make history together by celebrating our union heritage and remembering why we are part of the strongest union in North America.

Each of you makes a profound contribution to your community and our nation with the work you do. Thank you for your commitment to public service and being the glue that keeps our cities, counties and state together and running every day.

On behalf of the staff and Executive Board of Local 700, I’m honored to wish all of you a great Labor Day.

In Solidarity,
Becky Strzechowski


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