City of Chicago Contract Negotiation Update

On Monday, May 1, Teamsters Local 700 representatives met with the City of Chicago bargaining committee to begin the contract negotiation process. President Becky Strzechowski and the Local 700 city business agents, along with attorneys Stuart Davidson and Jon Magna, were present.

After introductions, Local 700 presented the union’s initial list of proposals to the City, which included a summary and the full 150-page contract document that was updated by the attorneys to reflect new contract language as proposed by the membership. The attorneys went over each new proposal, page by page, to the City bargaining committee.

Local 700 also gave the City a formal information request that includes numerous sets of documents that will assist the union in negotiations.

The City was not prepared to give the union any proposals in return at the meeting. The union gave the City multiple dates to choose from for the next negotiation meeting and we are waiting for their response.

Local 700 has also participated in several COUPE meetings with the other unions that represent City of Chicago workers. The City has participated in one COUPE meeting so far, and another meeting is taking place today, May 4.

More information will follow after the next negotiation meeting between Local 700 and the City.


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