Teamsters Local 700 Member Running for Mayor of Markham

Kenneth “Mojo” Muldrow Jr., a Markham police officer and member of Teamsters Local 700, is running for Mayor of Markham as a write-in candidate. His election will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

A lifelong resident of Markham, Mojo, who received his nickname in the second grade, joined the Markham Police Department in 1986 and has been a Teamster for more than 30 years. He has also served as the Markham Park District President since 1997.

Mojo raised his children in Markham and has lived in the city since 1969. He wanted to get involved in local politics to help bring stability and economic growth to the community.

“I have always been concerned about the community and the growth of Markham to enhance the city,” said Mojo. “I owe it to the residents of Markham to step up and be the honest and transparent leader. Helping people in my community is a passion of mine.”

Mojo was honored as “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” by Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago

Mojo was recently honored by the Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago as the “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” and was presented the award at the church on Feb. 26 from Bishop Larry Trotter. The church recognized him for his efforts in helping young people further their education and also helping resolve a situation last year where someone was suicidal.

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