Local 700 Illinois Tollway Member Running for Trustee in Westchester

Illinois Tollway and Local 700 member Daniel Maldonado is running for the position of Trustee of the Village of Westchester. His election will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Daniel Maldonado is running for Trustee of the Village of Westchester.

Daniel Maldonado is running for Trustee of the Village of Westchester.

Daniel is a lifelong Illinoisan who proudly calls Westchester home. Daniel has dedicated his life to uplifting communities through organizing and development. His trajectory as a passionate community leader is driven by his experiences growing up and the strong guidance he received from his father.

As a young adult, Daniel started an early career with the Illinois Tollway in 2003 at the M3 garage. He continues his employment with the Tollway and as a proud Teamster, now working at the central administration building.

“I am proud to have received the official endorsement of my union, Teamsters Local 700, for my candidacy for Trustee of the Village of Westchester,” said Daniel. “Teamsters is synonymous with working families, and they have been at the forefront through the years protecting the rights of laborers throughout our country. Westchester is a town made up of working families, and they deserve representation at the municipal level that protects their interest. I will be their voice.”

Daniel expanded his leadership skills and advanced his involvement through civic organizations and local chamber of commerces. Through these experiences, Daniel gained knowledge on how to organize individuals and leverage resources to improve his surroundings.

Recognizing the need to provide a positive role model to the community, Daniel formed ULEED. In the past six years, ULEED has provided employment and education programs for free, and has provided over $20,000 in scholarship funds to students in need.

Daniel has been featured on WGN, Univision, and CLTV. Recently, Daniel was named one of the “Influential Latinos of Chicago” by Latino Leaders Magazine and was selected by Remy Martin for their first ever nationwide mentoring initiative and inducted into their “Circle of Centaurs.”

As a youth, Daniel attended St. Sylvester Catholic School. Recognizing the importance of continual personal growth and higher education, Daniel has succeeded in obtaining his Illinois Real Estate license and attended North Park University in Chicago where he studied Organizational Management and Leadership.

Teamsters Local 700 endorses Daniel Maldonado for the position of Trustee for the Village of Westchester. Please visit www.maldonado2017.com to learn more about Daniel and his vision for the Village of Westchester.



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