Teamsters Local 700 Responds to Incident at Cook County Jail

After an inmate fight broke out at the Cook County Jail’s Division 9 late Tuesday night, numerous inmates and a few correctional officers were taken to receive medical care. Teamsters Local 700 responded to media inquiries with this statement:

As we have expressed over and over again, the jail is being held hostage by a sense of appeasement when dealing with dangerous inmates. We have requested safety equipment for the officers, which other jails across the country already have. We have requested different procedures that would enhance security for all staff at the jail. And we have seen a large increase in sexual assaults and attacks on staff under this administration’s management style of appeasement.

On behalf of our membership at the Cook County Department of Corrections, we must ask the taxpayers of Cook County: how many good people have to be attacked before the Sheriff will do something to correct this problem?

-Teamsters Local 700 Business Agent Dennis Andrews

Click here to read the full story and see the video from ABC 7 Chicago.

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