Make the Call Against This Job-Killing Trade Deal

Today is #StopTPP Call-In Day

Brothers and sisters,

Today is the National Call-In Day to stop the TransPacific Partnership, the 12-nation corporate power grab that will ship thousands of jobs overseas, lower wages in the U.S. and undermine laws that protect workers and the environment. Civil society groups all over the country are calling on Congress to commit to opposing the TPP once and for all.

We urge Teamsters everywhere to join this action and flood Congress’s phone lines today with calls to every lawmaker asking them to pledge their opposition to the TPP. Dial 844-394-8431 to call your representatives now!

Thanks to the efforts of Teamsters and our fair trade allies, opposition to the TPP has severely weakened the chances of this dangerous agreement from being implemented.

But big business groups and their Washington allies are working overtime to push through a lame-duck vote on the TPP. If they succeed, the impact will be devastating for working families. This NAFTA on steroids would lead to the offshoring of thousands of jobs and force American workers to compete with workers in Southeast Asia earning sweatshop wages.

The TPP would also expand the power of corporations to sue governments in secret global tribunals known as the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system. ISDS allows foreign companies to sue the U.S. government in courts run by corporate lawyers, and there’s no ability to appeal decisions in these one-sided proceedings. Under the TPP, American taxpayers can be forced to pay compensation to multi-national corporations for any law or safety provision that they claim cuts into their profit margins.

With TPP-backers pulling out all the stops to get the deal passed in Congress before the end of the year, we need to redouble our efforts to defeat this job-killing pact for good. We need all hands on deck.

Please call your Senators and Representative now at 844-394-8431. Tell them to commit to standing firm against the TPP.

In solidarity,

The Teamsters Union

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