OSHA Complaint Against the Sheriff’s Department

On June 23, 2016, Teamsters Local 700 filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor concerning the Sheriff’s Department violations of OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) as reported to us by our officers. The complaint charges the Sheriff with violations of Article 20 of the Act, which states that a public employer – such as the Sheriff – has a statutory obligation to protect the lives, health, and safety of those in its employ.

At the time of the complaint, there were 50-60 Officers who were off on Duty Injury from Division 9. 

Considering the prevalence of confirmed detainee-against-officer physical assaults, the throwing of urine and feces, and the sexual advances to female officers, and the failure of the Employer to take action, we understand the Sheriff to be in violation of this Act.

Attached here is the official complaint filed by Local 700.


-Chief Union Steward Robinson
Teamsters Local 700

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