Local 700 Welcomes Stewards for Bi-Annual Training

Teamsters Local 700 proudly hosted more than 100 union stewards at the Local 700 meeting hall for a training seminar that was held on Tuesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 18. Local 700 hosts two training sessions per year for stewards to strengthen their knowledge of union policies and procedures.

Secretary-Treasurer Michael G. Melone opened the session with welcoming remarks and reminders, and thanked the stewards for their commitment to the union.

Commissioner Joe Dula from the Federal of Mediation and Conciliation Service presented stewards with the basic principles of contract negotiations. He walked members through the flow of collective bargaining from putting together a bargaining team to what happens if an agreement can’t be reached. Dula also explained interest arbitration and how its used to settle unresolved collective bargaining issues.

Following Dula’s presentation, Teamsters Historian Karin Jones gave a captivating rendition of Teamster history. Starting with the early years in the 1900s, Karin painted a vivid picture of what the Teamsters were like back then and how we still share some of the same characteristics. She also presented valuable facts about Teamsters relevant to Chicago sports legends and landmarks.

“The presenters were full of knowledge in their respective areas,” said IDOT Steward Bob Kohn. “I was inspired by what they had to say. Getting insight about the bargaining experience as a whole provided me a better way to explain things to other members.”

All training participants received a Local 700 steward hat and shared a meal with their fellow stewards.

“I am pleased to see that many of our stewards participated in this training event,” said Becky Strzechowski, Teamsters Local 700 President. “Stewards play an integral role in Local 700 and I consider it a top priority to have a well-informed and active steward network. The hard work and dedication of our stewards has led to many of our accomplishments as a union.”

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