Teamsters Local 700 Continues to Fight Transfer of Grass Cutting Work

Illinois Labor Relations Board Will Hear Case

The Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB) notified Teamsters Local 700 of a hearing regarding the transfer of grass cutting work from the Cook County Highway to the Forest Preserve. Local 700 filed two unfair labor practice charges with the ILRB against the Cook County Highway Department and the Forest Preserve.

In June 2015, the Forest Preserve began grass cutting on highway roadsides, which was work that was traditionally performed by Cook County Highway maintenance. Although Local 700 represents both bargaining units, the transfer of the grass cutting work was never negotiated with the union, despite the union’s demand to bargain.

Local 700 also filed a grievance and the case went to arbitration on March 22, 2016. Representatives from Local 700 presented evidence to the arbitrator, including documents and witness testimonies from some of the bargaining units’ stewards. The arbitrator heard both sides of the case and will render a decision within the upcoming months, after the union and the employers submit their final briefs in a few weeks.

Local 700 filed both grievances and unfair labor practices with the ILRB. Local 700 will keep our membership up to date when a hearing date is set.

As of April 20, 2016, all Forest Preserve members received their retro pay as part of the new contract that was ratified in the fall. Retirees should expect their checks soon.

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