Teamsters Local 700 Instrumental in Leading the Fight Against City Pension Law

Teamsters Local 700 Instrumental in Leading the Fight Against City Pension Law

Message from President Strzechowski

To all of our City of Chicago Members:

Over the past two years, our union has been at the forefront of fighting legislation that threatened to sharply reduce pension benefits for city workers and retirees. Last week, the City of Chicago’s plan to cut pensions from city workers and retirees was deemed unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Teamsters Local 700 was one of only four unions with membership jurisdiction in the City of Chicago that filed suit against the city to overturn the pension law. In early 2014, the membership voted to contribute $1 per month, per member as a special assessment to help us fight the city’s pension reform laws.

This is a huge and historical win for all of us, including our city retirees and their families. You should not have to bear the burden of losing your valuable retirement benefits that you deserve because of the city’s mismanagement of resources. We remain committed to protecting your rights and pension benefits that you have worked so hard to earn.

On behalf of the entire Local 700 Executive Board and staff, I thank all of you for joining us in fighting the unjust pension law and finally having this victory come to fruition.


Becky Strzechowski
President, Teamsters Local 700

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