Local 700 City of Chicago Member Receives Check for Delinquent Raises

Local 700 City of Chicago member Marty Flynn received a five-figure check last week and it wasn’t because he won the lottery. It’s because he’s a Teamster.

Flynn, an Auto Pound Supervisor in Traffic Services, received a big check last week from the City of Chicago because they failed to pay him his contractual raises for the last four years.

Local 700 found the mistake after performing an audit of financial information from the city. The union immediately launched an investigation and filed a grievance on behalf of Flynn. One week later, Local 700 was notified that Flynn would receive a check for the back pay he was owed. Flynn received the check on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

“I am thrilled that Marty received a check for the raises he rightfully earned,” said Becky Strzechowski, Local 700 President. “The Local 700 staff works very diligently to protect our members’ rights and benefits and catching this mistake was a significant example of the work we do.”

Coming up on his 33rd year working for the city, Flynn will be retiring soon and is grateful he has been a member of Local 700. “The union does an outstanding job of defending the city employees and our rights,” said Flynn. “Local 700 is probably one of the best unions to have on your side.”

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