Local 700 Member Diahann Goode Elected as Secretary to Cook County Pension Board

During their Dec. 3 board meeting, members of the Cook County Pension Fund Retirement Board voted for Local 700 member Diahann Goode to serve as Secretary for the board.

Goode recently ran unopposed in her re-election as Cook County Pension Fund Trustee and will serve another three-year term. She was first elected as the Employee Trustee to the Cook County Pension Board in 2012.

Diahann Goode

Diahann Goode

As Secretary, Diahann’s responsibilities include signing all of the checks that are sent from the board, including pension, retirement and refunds. She also keeps records and minutes from every board meeting to be shared with the public on the board’s website.

“It’s an exciting time for me to seize these opportunities and apply what I’ve learned as a Cook County employee to these roles,” said Goode. “I know being a Teamster has given me the chance to be a leader and I’m looking forward to serving my fellow county workers in this capacity.”

Diahann has worked in the Cook County Department of Corrections for 21 years and has been active with the Teamsters for many years, serving on the Executive Board of the Joint Council 25 Women’s Committee and the Chicago Chapter of the Teamsters National Black Caucus.

“We commend Diahann’s commitment to the pension board and all county workers,” said Becky Strzechowski, Local 700 President. “She is a valuable member and steward of Local 700 and has the knowledge to ensure county employees’ retirement interests are well protected.”


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