CTA Labor Management Meeting Update

Management defers grievances to work on staffing levels

During a labor management meeting on Nov. 13, CTA management, attorneys and members met with Local 700 representatives to discuss issues related to recent grievances, staffing levels and work rule issues. Meeting attendees included union steward Gerald Dundee, CTA members John Geraci, Local 700 Business Agent Harold Irving and Local 700 Staff Attorney Nancy Horodecki. At the request of Local 700, the business agent for IBEW Local 9 was also present.

Management and union representatives made progress on some issues, including the decision to hire five new employees. Three employees will start work on Monday, Nov. 30, and the other two will follow shortly after. Local 700 is working with CTA management to try and secure more positions in the future.

Several grievances related to work rules and staffing levels were also discussed. Local 700 representatives and CTA management both agreed to defer those grievances to allow management time to work on staffing levels and to answer more questions that were asked during the meeting. Shift pick for all CTA members, which is based on seniority, was also deemed successful.

Local 700 is also pursuing the reinstatement of garbage collection work to CTA members, which was lost due to privatization. Through the Freedom of Information Act, Local 700 formally requested the operational cost of garbage pick up at all CTA locations that was previously done by CTA members. The data has been sent to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to help run a cost analysis. Local 700 will review the analysis with CTA members before presenting it to management.

The next labor management meeting date is to be determined.

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