Local 700 Pursues Grievances Against CTA Management

After Teamsters Local 700 learned of the many allegations of traditional work violations committed by CTA management, the union filed numerous new grievances, which were all denied by management.

Local 700 representatives will meet with CTA members again on Tuesday, Oct. 20 to review all of the grievances that were presented to management; including overtime not being paid and returning SWAP work. Through the Freedom of Information Act, and working with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 700 has formally requested information on other work that was previously done by CTA members. Specifically, the union is seeking the potential operational cost of garbage pick up and mail delivery at all CTA locations.

Local 700 has received several pictures of potential work violations and we encourage CTA members to continue to send pictures or other documentation with dates and times of incidents to the CTA member e-mail address at CTA@teamsterslocal700.com. We cannot stress enough how important it is to communicate any work-related issues as soon as possible to your steward and/or business agent. We need our members to provide this information to make our case stronger as we aggressively pursue violations committed by management.

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