Illinois State Police Master Sergeants Ratify 4-Year Agreement

Local 700 representatives recently negotiated a new agreement on behalf of the Illinois State Police Master Sergeants, who ratified their contract to protect current benefits and gain a better incentive package overall.

Members agreed to a wage freeze and to maintain the prior agreement for employees to receive a raise every five years, ranging from five to eight percent increases. Also included in the new contract is an extra stipend for hazardous duty for all members and shift differential pay for all employees working afternoon and midnight shifts.

“These Master Sergeants are incredibly focused on public safety and are faced with dangerous situations everyday,” said Rob Fierstein, Local 700 Business Agent. “They’ve earned a strong Teamster contract that matches their work ethic.”

The new four-year agreement was officially ratified on Aug. 4, 2015 and will expire June 30, 2019.

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