Teamsters Local 700 Opposes Any “Right-to-Work” Measures

Local 700 Will Fight Any legislation Seeking to Make Illinois a "Right-to-Work" State

What is Right-to-Work (RTW)?
RTW is a power grab by million-or-billionaire CEOs to tip the economic balance even more in the favor of corporate interests at the expense of the middle class. RTW laws are corporate strategies disguised as public policy with the ultimate goal of reducing the collective bargaining power and gutting unions.

RTW laws threaten to:

  • Make it easier for corporations to outsource jobs
  • Loosen training requirements and put employee safety at risk
  • Prevent employees from having a voice in the workplace
  • Reduce union’s strength at the bargaining table
  • Cut union’s income sources by eliminating fair share status
  • Take away employees’ benefits and reduce wages

What is a Fair Share Provision?
Fair share provisions are an agreement between the employer and the union under which all employees in the bargaining unit are required to pay their proportionate share of the costs of the collective bargaining process.

How does Gov. Rauner’s Executive Order and lawsuit impact Local 700?
Executive Order: Gov. Rauner filed an executive order that would force unions to cover fair share employees under the union-negotiated contract without receiving a reduced, fair share payment for services.
Lawsuit: Rauner topped his executive order by filing a lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment against more than 20 unions, including Teamsters Local 700, representing members employed by the State of Illinois with Fair Share Provisions.

What are workforce empowerment zones?
One of Bruce Rauner’s first actions as Illinois Governor was proposing workforce empowerment zones across the state. This is a nice title to a dirty trick. These empowerment zones would essentially enact RTW laws locally, driving down local economies and eliminating jobs. Creating these zones is a blatant violation of the constitution.

What are unions doing about RTW in Illinois?
Local 700 has joined with unions across the state to stand strong against Gov. Rauner’s attacks on organized labor. All named unions in the governor’s lawsuit share the united position that the executive order is unconstitutional and would cause irreparable damage to middle class families and workers in this state.

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