Teamsters Local 700 Condemns Rauner’s Executive Order

Union Vows to Fight Governor's Attack on Middle Class

Teamsters Local 700 vehemently condemns Governor Bruce Rauner’s attempt to force Right-to-Work in Illinois.

Gov. Rauner’s executive order would eliminate fair share union status. But his actions didn’t stop there. The governor filed a
lawsuit on Feb. 9 against all public employee unions that have fair share provisions in their contracts.

“This is blatant attack on unions, and furthermore an assault on working families in Illinois,” said Becky Strzechowski, President
of Teamsters Local 700. “This billionaire businessman-turned-governor fails to acknowledge that the facts are against him. Unions raise the standard for everyone. Our members need to know that this union will not stand by and watch Illinois turn Right to Work.”

Teamsters Local 700 opposes the governor’s actions and is thoroughly evaluating all options.

“This local vows to our 10,000 members that we will do everything in our power to fight this order and protect this union and our members,” said Strzechowski.

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